Due to COVID-19 pandemic, all festivals in the Municipality of El Nido are temporarily cancelled. However, these same festivals and events are things that we can look forward to when the municipality returns to normal. These festivals are being supported by the El Nido Tourism Code of 2019 and here is the list according to the time of the year:

  1. Ati-Atihan. This tradition originated in the province of Aklan and was brought to El Nido by the Aklanons (residents of Aklan) that migrated to El Nido. This annual festivity is celebrated every 3rd Sunday of January in Bgy. Barotuan, a barangay in central El Nido populated by Aklanons.
  2. Founding Anniversary. This annual celebration commemorates the establishment of Bacuit as a municipality on March 16, 1916. The festivities start every 9th of March with “Adlao i ang Manig Oma” (Farmers’ Day) and culminates every 16th of May.
  3. Kalugtan Arts Festival. This event started in 2005 as a way of educating the community on environmental conservation through art workshops, fora, eco-care activities and performances. This is celebrated every 3rd week of April.
  4. Pamaragua Festival. Pamaragua is a Cuyonon word for the migration of people from the island of Cuyo to Paragua (present day Palawan mainland). The celebration started in 2017 and annually held every 18th of May in Sibaltan, a barangay with 95% Cuyonon population. On the eve of the festival, Miss Cuyonon pageant is held as contestants from all over Palawan compete for the crown.
  5. International Coastal Clean Up Day. It started in 2013 as the municipality’s support to the International Clean Up day. It happens every 3rd Saturday of September wherein all 18 barangays of El Nido simultaneously conduct coastal clean ups.
  6. St. Francis of Assisi Parish Fiesta. St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of the environment, is also the patron saint of El Nido. His feast is celebrated every 4th of October. The feast is also called Taraw Festival by the Municipal Government of El Nido.
  7. Pista ng Kulambo (Mosquito Net Festival). This festival started in 1999 as an information drive to decrease cases of Malaria in the municipality. It became an annual event every 1st Friday of December. The festivities include Tabuan (Market Day), Lantern Making contest, parade of mosquito nets and Christmas Jingle contest.

There are festivals to be launched as soon as health restrictions are lifted such as the Balinsasayaw Festival every 4th Week of May and the celebration of the Canovas Sawmill in Mabini every 3rd of April. The Municipal Tourism Office is currently working hard to make the festival cycle include every month of year so when everything returns to normal, tourists can have a chance to attend at least a celebration.

May 12, 2021