cropped-chito-cleofas-005.jpgOn February 13, 2018, Hon. Nieves C. Rosento, Municipal Mayor of El Nido, Palawan, issued Executive Order RCN-005-2018, “AN ORDER INSTITUTIONALIZING FRIENDLY PARADISE SEAL FOR TOURISM-RELATED BUSINESS ESTABLISHMENTS.”

The said order aims to encourage tourism businesses to align their company efforts with El Nido’s tourism vision: “FRIENDLY PARADISE.”

Tourism-related business establishments shall be awarded by the said seal upon complying the following requirements:

Eco – Friendly Paradise Seal:

  1. Use of renewable energy for at least 10% of total energy consumption.
  2. Practice of segregation at source.
  3. Waste receptacles for biodegradable, non-biodegradable and recyclable wastes.
  4. Compliance to Ordinance 004 Series of 2013, ”Plastic Regulation Ordinance.”
  5. Water Discharge Permit from DENR or LGU receipt of payment for regular desludging of wastewater.
  6. Planting of vegetation in 5% of their rooftops or highest floor area.
  7. Use of energy efficient bulbs.
  8. Use of energy efficient refrigerators.
  9. Practice of liquids, such as soap, shampoo and water, on re-usable containers.
  10. Practice of encouraging guest to pay ETDF.

Family Friendly Paradise Seal:

  1. Provision of small boys’urinal and diaper changing area in female comfort rooms.
  2. Provision of Breast Feeding Area.
  3. Training of Front Desk officer and Manager on Human Trafficking.

PWD (Persons with Disability) Friendly Paradise Seal:

  1. Provision of wheelchair ramp in establishment’s entrance area.
  2. Provision of railings for PWD in 1 of every 50 comfort rooms.

Customer Friendly Paradise Seal:

  1. Training of Front Desk Officer and Manager in Customer Service.
  2. Very Satisfactory rating from guests during surveys to be conducted by the Municipal Tourism Office.
  3. Maintenance of cleanliness of the vicinity of the establishment.
  4. Parking Space for every 20 rooms.

Gender Friendly Paradise Seal:

  1. Provision of comfort room for LGBT guests.
  2. Training of Front Desk Officer and Manager on Human Trafficking.

Friendly Paradise Seal. This shall be the highest recognition given to a tourism-related business establishment. Release of this seal shall be upon completion of all the above-mentioned categories.

Recipients of the seal shall be advertised in all information materials and internet sites of the Municipal Tourism Office.