Faculty members and student of El Nido National High School (ENHS) Palawan, headed by Mr. Anson Paredes, Principal, were accommodated aboard the JTFM floating assets by LDCR SHERWYN E. RESPETO, PN, the Commander of Maritime Task Force Group Malampaya and Captain of BRP FILIPINO FLOJO (PG 386) during an Open House at El NIdo Pier on August 13, 2011. The fleet also includes Boat Assault 484 (BA 484), skippered by LTJG JEFFREY P. ESTEBAN PN, and Philippine Coast Guard Search and Rescue Vessel BRP DAVAO DEL NORTE (SARV 3504), commanded by LDCR GENITO BASILIO PCG. This educational tour is part of the CMO activities programmed by the Task Force Commander CAPT ALEXANDER D. LOPEZ PN, (GSC) to foster understanding and cooperation among the youth in the municipality. Showcased during the shipboard tour were the static display of combat equipment of the Naval Special Forces Operation Unit 10 (NAVSOU 10) and orientation briefing on the general characteristic and capabilities of each floating unit.

After the shipboard orientation tour, the ships set sail for the highlight of the activity: a joint air and sea capability and interoperability among Maritime Task Group Malampaya (MTGM), Air Task Group Malampaya (ATGM), and Special Operation Task Group Malampaya (SOTGM). Scenarios on anti- terrorism and search and rescue (SAR), stealth and quick response capability of the attack boat and the special operation, lead by LTJG. SAMUEL L. ROSETE PN, in handling anti-terrorism concerns were injected during the exercise for the visitors who were eagerly observing the event on board the viewing vessels. The SAR and fire at sea scenario also showcased the capability of S76 202, with CAPT ISAAC L. GOMEZ PAF as the pilot in command, in spotting and relaying information about the survivor in the water to the SAR vessel. The viewers watch how the Joint Task Force Malampaya did its best with their ability to conduct Maritime Interdiction Operation against lawless elements at the sea and search/rescue operation of ships in distress.

Likewise, the said activity showcased what the naval, air force and coast guard team are capable of. The mock scenario presented by the representatives of the task groups provided better understanding and profound appreciation to students and faculty members of ENHS on how to perform function in order to save lives and protect our maritime domain.

More so, the demonstration exercise displayed the capability of the said task groups to quickly respond in different situations involving threats to MALAMPAYA thru detection, interception, handling of apprehended persons, raid, patrolling, extraction, fire, and maneuvers.




August 24, 2011

-Lt. Col. Virgilio P. Balatayo, PA, JTFM